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Because food becomes us. Who do you want to be?

All natural pledge

We want to nurture the world with real, honest food.

We want to give our consumers the possibility to choose an all natural yogurt brand because, as far as we know, there’s still no other out there.

We want to lead the All Natural Movement in yogurt and be the first all natural yogurt brand that families can find.

The Yonest Story

​​It all started back home, in sunny Portugal, with a really old yogurt recipe and a home kitchen. “Just fresh milk and live cultures”, it said.


That’s always been all it takes to make perfect yogurt. No additives, no preservatives, no other … negatives. We even print that same sentence on our packaging to remind us of how it all started. We make yogurt the authentic way because you deserve the real thing.


This is why you don’t find a Yonest yogurt that has sugar or pre-mixed artificial flavors in it. If you want flavor, you choose Yonest Friends. Single portions of pure dehydrated super ingredients that will boost your Yonest yogurts with even more real nutrition and tasty moments.

Our responsibility 

Our commitment to a better world is present in all we do. We source milk from local producers, shortening travel times, preserving nutrients, and reducing carbon emissions. Our packaging is mainly made of sustainable paper and aluminum. We use no artificial ingredients. We use mostly organic dehydrated fruits to help preserve tons of great ‘ugly’ fresh fruits that would otherwise go to waste.


Our office is carbon-neutral and solar-powered. We foster recycling practices and use recycled materials whenever possible. Our commitment to improving practices and accountability is constant. Because the planet is our responsibility.

Good vibes

​​At Yonest, we believe that the power of good food extends far beyond just nourishing our bodies. Good food can really elevate our energy and create a positive effect in our lives and the world around us.


Join us in spreading good vibes, one spoonful at a time.

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